facebook What You Need to Know About Teriyaki Restaurants in Texas

What You Need to Know About Teriyaki Restaurants in Texas

If you’re in the mood for some good teriyaki, restaurants are eager to please your palate. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that there’s a teriyaki restaurant, like Char’d Asian Kitchen, near you.

These days you’ll find many restaurants have teriyaki dishes as their main attraction. This is because although it can be a simple dish, it has an appealing presentation that is enjoyed by just about anyone – even those who don’t regularly dine on Asian fusion cuisine.

Teriyaki dishes can be prepared in a variety of different ways with various types of protein but chicken and shrimp may be the most common teriyaki dish.

If you’ve been wondering where the best teriyaki restaurants near me are, you’ll Char’d Asian Kitchen is the leader when it comes to teriyaki inspired dishes.

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Teriyaki Restaurants Near Me: What to Look For

In the last decade, thanks to globalization and the boom of the internet, Texas has become one of the top gastronomical destinations in the US. Here, you’ll find a vast variety of restaurants and fresh startups that offer people in Texas a wide variety of food.

Fortunately for foodies and all Texans, it’s not all just bar-b-que and TexMex around these parts.

You’ll find restaurants that utilize a variety of kitchen techniques, cultural influences, local and exotic ingredients, along with a unique dining environment. This results in an eclectic array of restaurants to have a good time with friends and family.

One example of a fresh perspective in restaurant dining is teriyaki restaurants, here the diner experiences the flavors of Asia mixed with other Asian inspired delicacies.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for good teriyaki restaurants in Texas.

Chicken Teriyaki

High-quality food

A builder is only as good as the materials he uses to build with. If your home were built with cheap poor quality materials, it wouldn’t matter how nice the house looks, it won’t be livable.

The same is true for cooking. Presentation means nothing if the ingredients are not top-notch.

When high-quality ingredients are used you’ll get a fresh and delicious meal. If a chef cuts corners, you’ll know it by the lack of flavor and you won’t want to go back for more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a good restaurant that insists on using the freshest ingredients understands the guests’ needs and wants to ensure that every diner gets the same high quality dish every time they order.

Superior customer experience

An unpleasant interaction with restaurant staff can ruin an entire meal – no matter how good the food is.

Any teriyaki restaurant that is worth visiting will put an emphasis on customer relations. That means hiring staff that has a positive can-do attitude and takes pride in what they serve. A courteous wait staff is a sign that a restaurant is striving to create a positive overall experience working with the public.

From the kitchen to the dining room, every member of staff should know the menu well and serve as a help for customers. In addition, they should strive to serve food on time and so that it’s fresh and best-tasting for diners.

Good location and environment

The physical location and ambiance are also very important when it comes to your search for a “teriyaki restaurant near me”. From the convenient location to interior decor it all adds up to the overall dining experience.

Most restaurants will have a particular vibe that you’ll recognize instantly as you step inside. It might be relaxed, upbeat, trendy, or authentic. The background music, lighting, and dining room layout, are all the compounds that determine the environment.

If you are looking for a good teriyaki restaurant in Texas, you’re likely to choose a location that is near you. Even better if there are multiple locations, so you can choose the one that’s closest to your work, school, or favorite places to shop.

This is why Char’d has 3 locations across DFW. Our Fort Worth location is near where you shop in the Tehama Ridge Shopping center. Our Richardson location is close to where you work in our City Line location, convenient to Dallas, Plano, and Allen. And we can’t forget our original location in Mansfield for all of our Tarrant County College and University of Houston students.

No matter where you are in Dallas/Fort Worth, you’ll find a Char’d, the best teriyaki restaurant near me.

Well-designed menu

A top teriyaki restaurant will offer a well-designed menu where all the dishes are perfectly described and all the ingredients can be tasted in every bite. The menu should also have different options for people on any different diet – vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, etc.

At Char’d we stick with what we know and that’s Asian food. While our menu offers up our finest bowl combinations, we understand that your tastes or dietary preferences may differ, so that’s why we offer a Build-Your-Own Bowl option. Here you can pick the ingredients you like to create a unique one-of-a-kind bowl. The possibilities are endless!

Authentic Ingredients

Even an Asian fusion cuisine restaurant like Char’d will utilize the use of authentic ingredients in order for customers to get a real Asian taste. Just think of it has a modern twist to the original dish.

For teriyaki restaurants like Char’d Asian Kitchen we want you to try Asian fusion dishes like teriyaki along with a variety of other southeast Asian cuisines. Here you can find the best of Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and Korean cuisine along with fresh locally sourced ingredients. Fresh and unique is what we do!

Teriyaki Meals

How can Teriyaki Sauce be a game changer?

When looking for a teriyaki restaurant, you’ll want it to obviously serve a signature teriyaki dish. The real star of a teriyaki restaurant near me should be the teriyaki sauce.

The term Teriyaki comes from the Japanese word teri which means luster and yaki refer to the grilling process of cooking ingredients, whether they are proteins or vegetables.

Initially, teriyaki was just considered a cooking technique mostly for fish and proteins, but with the immigration of Japanese to the US, teriyaki as a cooking technique evolved.

It is told that the first immigrants arrived in the Hawaii islands and they started to experiment and use local ingredients to recreate traditional dishes they prepared in Asia, and that’s how the teriyaki sauce was born.

This is how Teriyaki went from a cooking method to becoming a delicious sauce that is now one of the most preferred sauces for Americans when visiting an Asian fusion restaurant.

Over time this sauce has evolved and today teriyaki sauce plays an important role when choosing a teriyaki restaurant for lunch or dinner. Even so, there are some ingredients that high-quality teriyaki sauce must-have.

  • Dark soy sauce: Soy sauce is maybe one of the most used ingredients in Asian cuisine, and is essential for preparing teriyaki sauce as the key ingredient.
  • Garlic and ginger: These two ingredients make an excellent team when used in the right portion, giving a strong aroma and delicious flavor to dishes, such as the case of teriyaki sauce
  • Sake: This is a signature drink and cooking ingredient for many dishes, it contributes to the teriyaki sauce having that little acid underlay flavor.
  • Brown sugar: In the beginning, pineapple juice was used to sweeten the sauce, and later was replaced with brown sugar for the same purposes.

One can tell a teriyaki restaurant is good when the star ingredient, teriyaki sauce, is house-prepared because it will have a beautiful dark brownish color and sticky consistency. Diners look for the perfect balance of sweet and acidic simultaneously to perfectly fit with grilled proteins.

Chicken Teriyaki: Everyone’s favorite teriyaki meal

After the creation of teriyaki sauce, chicken teriyaki slowly gained in popularity and made its way to the rest of America. But once it reached the mainland it quickly became the most popular Asian fusion dish requested in restaurants.

Its simple presentation and delicious flavor gave chicken teriyaki a special place in the heart of Americans. For those that had visited the Hawaiian islands, it reminded them of a tropical paradise. For others, it gave them a taste of the orient.

Since this teriyaki sauce is so versatile it can be eaten with both proteins and vegetables, as well as rice and noodles However, probably the most popular forms of presentation are the Teriyaki Chicken with vegetables and white rice. However, you’ll find plenty of fans for teriyaki pork and shrimp.

Vegetarian lovers would say that Teriyaki Tofu is a classic dish. There really is no limit to its versatility.

Asian fusion cuisine has earned its place as the most important gastronomical variety in the United States. As evidenced by the number of teriyaki restaurants that you’ll find across just about any city in the United States, it feels as though Asian fusion became a success overnight.

Conclusion: Identifying the best Teriyaki Restaurant

Teriyaki dishes are the favorite for adults and children in America. Despite its simplicity, teriyaki is considered a loved-by-everyone kind of sauce. But, where can you identify the best place to dine on teriyaki in your search query, the best teriyaki restaurant near me?

Here are some of the factors to keep in mind if you want to determine the best teriyaki restaurant in town.


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