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What are Famous Restaurants at CityLine Richardson

Richardson is an upscale Texas city, located in the Northern part of Dallas County reaching into Collin County. As a cosmopolitan city, Richardson prides itself on being the hub of arts, culture, and education. Of course, it is the birthplace of many recreational activities, so it has its fun side too.

If you reside at CityLine, you might want to spend time with family and friends at places where you don’t have to fight traffic and a huge crowd to eat. Whether you’re looking for Mexican food, Southeast Asian food, or fine dining, restaurants at CityLine, Richardson is the place to be.

Let’s take a look at some of the best CityLine restaurants that offer mouth-watering cuisines and a great dining experience.

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What are Popular CityLine Restaurants


Jasper’s is one of the CityLine restaurants with a good reputation. They serve award-winning gourmet backyard cuisine in an atmosphere of casual elegance. Their unique, unsurpassed, and great meals make it a wonderful place to hang out with family and friends.

This scratch kitchen focuses on the best of America’s cuisine including wood-grilled pizzas, prime steaks, seafood, salads, and desserts. Jasper’s style, service, beautiful decor, and casual atmosphere all work together to create an inviting ambiance for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine

Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine is one of the restaurants at CityLine, Richardson that offers high-quality Tex-Mex dining with the continental influence of Mexico.

Whether you’re looking for a classic taco and enchilada, a regional dish such as pollo con mole poblano and tacos de pescado, or sizzling fajitas, Fernando’s has you covered.

You can relax on a warm day, enjoy lunch and happy hour specials and eat dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients.

people eating Asian food

Char’d Southeast Asian Kitchen

Char’d Southeast Asian Kitchen gives people the freedom to mix and match different Asian flavors to create tasty, customized meals. If you are an Asian food lover looking for a place to fuel your creativity, Char’d Kitchen is the place for you.

Char’d Kitchen strays away from traditional recipes and offers different food, flavors, and ingredients from different cultures, adding a unique flair to their dishes.

Char’d Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Richardson. You can find popular fusion meals from Asia, such as chicken Teriyaki, Vietnamese spring rolls, banh mi, bibimbap, Asian-inspired tea, and lots of build-your-own bowl options.

Good Union Urban BBQ

Just like its name, this is one of the unique CityLine, Richardson restaurants with great service and even better food. It’s where good people gather to enjoy delicious food and an unexpected BBQ experience.

Partnering with local breweries and farmers, Good Union offers fresh ingredients and unique craft beers that rival Texas’ best BBQ joints. This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Go in for a cheesy cornbread muffin in the morning, enjoy a Pig Mountain sandwich for lunch, and munch on mini tacos during Happy Hour from 3-7p.m Monday through Friday.

Edoko Sushi & Robata

If you’re heading out for a casual lunch, a date night, or dinner with friends. Edoko Sushi & Robata is a perfect choice. Edoko CityLine, Richardson has been serving the highest quality sushi and modern Japanese cuisine in an urban atmosphere.

They continually strive to raise the bar and exceed expectations by importing the freshest fish, developing tasteful menu items, and crafting innovative cocktails. Join them for lunch at Happy Hour, and enjoy bento box specials, sushi, Japanese beers, premium sake, and handmade cocktails.

Tricky Fish

Tricky Fish is one of the best restaurants in Richardson that serves polished, casual, southern seafood and offers amazing southern-style seafood. Menu items include fresh seafood dishes, entree salads, and sandwiches. There’s a plethora of craft beers on tap, cans, and bottles. Tricky Fish also specializes in craft cocktails.

Everyone loves the menu options and you can finish off the meal with a caramelized bread pudding or a peach sundae. You can order at the counter or relax in the full-service bar area.

Zalat Pizza

Zalat Pizza is one of the CityLine restaurants that makes pizza from scratch (even the dough). The dough, fresh sauce, oven-roasted tomatoes, and fresh basil. Zalat uses 100% beef pepperoni and the most delicious cheese they can get their hands on.

All pizzas are taste-tested for months before they make it onto the menu. They are also cooked in traditional deck ovens to create the perfect balance between crispy and chewy. Before any pizza goes out the door, a Zealot always inspects it for perfection and signs the box.

Piada Italian Street Food

Piada is a fresh, Italian street food that prepares food with high-quality ingredients and simplistic cooking. This restaurant was founded on the basis that you don’t have to sacrifice quality and flavor for value.

It’s a great option for the minimalist that loves authenticity and a sophisticated palate while enjoying a delicious meal for quick and casual dining.

Luna Grill

Luna Grill serves delicious, authentic Mediterranean cuisine. It offers delightful and healthy food at fair prices in a stylish, contemporary, and inviting environment.

In September 2004, the first Luna Grill opened its doors to the Carmel Valley neighborhood in Southern California. The CityLine Market location will be the first location outside of California.

Murphy’s Deli

Great taste, fresh ingredients, and quality meals are the hallmarks of Murphy’s Deli. Deli’s menu is fresh creations with an international twist, which has made them the caterer of choice for countless companies.

Whether it’s lunch on the go, brunch, or corporate meetings, Murphy’s Deli gives you a flavorful experience.

What Makes the Best Restaurant in Richardson, TX

Sometimes, all we want to do is get to the table and eat. But once in a while, we want a unique experience, a culinary delight, and something above the ordinary.

When you take time to choose restaurants at CityLine, Richardson, you’ll get a great gastronomic experience with a nice staff serving you.

Here are some tips for a great restaurant experience:

Teriyaki Burger


Choose a restaurant you can easily walk to from your place. A fast food restaurant will be located at shopping malls, whereas a sophisticated restaurant will be located in an urban area.

Good Ambiance

The atmosphere should be relaxed and friendly. Do they play music? How loud? Staff should be trained to avoid distraction and disturbing noise.

The Vibe Matters

You should go to places where you enjoy the overall vibe and atmosphere. Look at the type of people that go to the restaurant.

If you find that it’s a quiet restaurant when you’re looking for a wild night out, it’s advisable to go somewhere else.

For business meetings and serious discussions, you may want to go to CityLine restaurants with private rooms for customers.

Food and Beer Pairing

There are days when you want a particular kind of food. And if that restaurant is the only one available, then you have no choice. On other days, the menu has to be specific to your taste buds. Choosing a specific restaurant is easier when you have options.

Char’d has a wide selection of beers for all kinds of tastes. We have assorted Asian & local beers for all customers to choose from. We offer craft locally brewed beers in cans and bottles from Bishop Cider Co., Community Beer Co., and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. If you’re an enthusiast, Char’d is your place.

Excellent Service

You should opt for restaurants with experience, efficiency, and the ability to advise customers on the best choices. However, sometimes these waiters are super busy attending to a hundred things. You can play your part by treating them nicely, and you will find out that you always get good service.

Reasonable Costs

Restaurants have different price points, but the bottom line is, you should feel that the cost of your meal was fair and reasonable, even at high-end restaurants.

Culinary Expertise

Choose a restaurant that is passionate about the meals they serve, participates in selecting food menus, and are customer oriented. Managers, chefs, and staff should have appropriate culinary knowledge.

Good Hygiene

You might want to check restaurants at Cityline, Richardson before you decide to book a table. Have a drink first and check out the place. A good restaurant should be spotless. Eating areas should be clean. Proper food storage and preparation standards should be followed.

Popular Southeast Asian Desserts in Richardson, TX

If you’re visiting Richardson, TX you can’t miss the opportunity to try some of the most delicious Southeast Asian desserts that will transport you to Asia right here in Texas.

Here are some of the desserts you can find in restaurants at Cityline, Richardson.


Vietnamese Che dishes include any traditional sweet soup, beverage, or pudding that is made with a base of either water or coconut cream and served either cold or hot. Other ingredients include various fruits, jellies, rice grains, beans, and even tubers and cereals.

It is believed that Che desserts can be found only in the central region of Vietnam, but today they are widely available throughout the country with several variations. Because of their hearty contents like beans and sticky rice, they are commonly sold in plastic cups at Vietnamese grocery stores.


Butsi balls are the Filipino version of traditional Chinese jian dui sweets. It is made with glutinous rice flour that is molded into small round shapes and stuffed with a variety of sweet fillings like red bean paste, creamy lotus, or shredded coconut.

Butsi is usually coated in sesame seeds and fried until golden. Although it is a Chinese delicacy, the Filipino adaptation has become increasingly popular.


Cendol is a traditional Southeast Asian dessert in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

This dessert consists of thinly trimmed jelly noodles that are flavored with pandan leaves and are then served in a sweet combination of coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, and crushed ice.

The origin of cendol is vague, but it is believed that it was modeled on a similar Javanese dessert known as dawet.

Banh Flan

Banh flan is the Vietnamese version of creme caramel. This Vietnamese variety was directly influenced by the French during the colonial period.

Although simple in preparation, banh flan is a delicate and sweet dessert that employs rich vanilla or a coffee-flavored mixture of milk and eggs, which is poured into caramel-covered ramekins.

When cooked, the flan is turned upside down, leaving a layer of dark, thick caramel sauce on the top.

Kanom Tuay

This is a steamed coconut milk pudding that originated in Thailand. It has a steamed custard-like coconut base topped with salty coconut cream. This is another sweet-salty combination that creates an explosion of flavors on your palate.

You can take this pudding to another level by adding pandan flavoring to your custard base.

Es Teler

Es Teler is a refreshing combination that usually consists of jackfruit, avocado, coconut, condensed milk, syrup, and crushed ice. This dessert, which is often classified as a drink, is mostly associated with Java.

Other ingredients may include flavored jelly and different types of fruit. It is believed to have originated in the 1960s. This dessert is served in bowls and is usually enjoyed with a spoon since the fruit is either diced or sliced.

Pisang Goreng

This is fried bananas or plantains and is a common everyday snack eaten throughout Asia. They come in different versions in which the fruit is fried in shallow oil or sliced banana pieces are coated in batter before they are fried until golden.

They are traditionally sold at street stalls and carts and belong to a group of Indonesian deep-fried snacks.

icecream in cone

The Rise of Southeast Asian Fusion Restaurants in Richardson

Today, more and more people are seeking out Southeast Asian fusion restaurants at CityLine, Richardson where the traditional flavors of Asia are mixed with typical American ingredients to create unique dishes. The growth in demand for Asian fusion meals in Richardson, Texas has skyrocketed this past decade.

There are many reasons why Southeast Asian cuisine is one of the fastest-growing dining options for many Americans and the rest of the world. Asian cuisine differs from one region to another and each region has different characteristics and signature flavors. This opens up countless cuisine options for lovers of Asian food.

Furthermore, the fresh and locally sourced ingredients used while preparing Asian meals have earned them good appraisals. In most American fusion restaurants, you may experience traditional Asian herbs that give meals a unique taste.

Char’d Kitchen is a Southeast Asian fusion restaurant that sets your palate to a gastronomic experience with a fusion of different flavors from Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian, and Southeast Asian fusion cooking.

We are proud to offer our customers a unique selection of handmade ice cream. Where flavors like mango, coconut, and ube will surely make you come back for more!

If you want to experience fast-causing dining with a relaxing atmosphere, you must visit Char’d. We offer dine-in, take-out, and event catering services. You can count on us for the most delicious Asian customized meals in CityLine, Richardson.


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