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Char’d Kitchen: Healthy Alternative to Chinese Restaurant Richardson (TX)

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1251 State Street
Suite 800
Richardson, TX 75082

Cuisine: Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, South-East Asian Fusion

Driving Directions:

Phone: (972) 803-6455


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Business hours: Mon – sun 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Serving fresh healthy food for all palates in minutes…

Take a health break and enjoy delicious food that suit your dietary preferences. With something for everyone and only the best ingredients you are sure to fall in love with Char’d Kitchen.

  • Paleo diet-friendly and multiple choice of proteins
  • Vegetarian and vegan dishes with option of Texas farmed tofu; and
  • Low carb options
  • Gluten-free or dairy-free options with chicken, Pork, Steak and Tofu as the proteins.

About Char’d Kitchen

Nestled in the Cityline development lies Char’d Kitchen that offers mouthwatering dishes that come from a variety of Asian flavors. Inspired by their mom’s cooking, the experience of tasting new flavors and the exposure to different food cultures, this restaurant at Cityline Richardson came to be.

Locals have come to know Char’d as the healthier-tastier alternative to Chinese restaurants and Richardson buffets because of it’s infusion of South-East Asian flavors and dedication to healthy nourishing ingredients.

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The Famous “Make Your Own Bowl” Option

This fast-casual dining restaurant levels up your experience with the “Make Your Own Bowl” option.

You can choose the kind of protein, carbs, vegetables, sauces, and toppings you want. For the carbs, you can choose brown rice, white rice or vermicelli noodles. Your choice of protein can either be chicken, pork, beef or tofu, etc.

For the sauces, samples are available! You won’t have a hard time guessing if that certain sauce is the perfect fit for your bowl. Among the ten options, Gochujang sauce, fish sauce, creamy peanut sauce, red Thai curry sauce, and Firecracker sauce are crowd-favorites.

The toppings are also worth a second look. You can choose to have pickled carrots, daikon, cilantro, jalapeno, roasted sesame, roasted peanuts, crispy shallots and among others in your bowl.

Dining Options

This southeast Asian restaurant in Richardson will leave you full and happy. You can dine-in, order some takeout or have your food delivered. Char’d Kitchen is also available on UberEats.

Char’d also caters to different social events like rehearsal dinners, college events, meetings, birthdays and many more. To know more about their catering, click here. Check out our featured Asian dishes.

Teriyaki Near Me

Teriyaki meals have been a crowd-pleasing favorite for as long as we can remember. The complex flavors of teriyaki sauce comes together perfectly and when paired with your favorite protein, it creates a mouth-watering experience that everyone loves.

Just imagine finding an Asian-inspired meal right here in Richardson. Yes! Your friendly teriyaki restaurant is now Char’d Kitchen in Richardson, Texas. Its building is located at 8901 Tehama Ridge Parkway Suite 137, Richardson, Texas 75082. Just a short drive away and you too can experience our signature teriyaki sauce paired with chicken, shrimp, or beef. And because we know you like to keep things healthy, we’ll add vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and carrots. Sounds tasty, right? At Char’d Kitchen Richardson, we deliver fast, fresh and healthy teriyaki meals to satisfy your craving for boundless great flavors and fast service.

bowl of teriyaki chicken

And we’ve made it easy to get this teriyaki meal delivered straight to your home through our online ordering system at Char’d kitchen. But if you’re looking to get out, we’d love to serve you here as well. We hope that you will enjoy our Teriyaki Chicken and put Char’d on your list for a must-have when it comes to Asian-inspired teriyaki.

What are you waiting for? Order a take-out today at or our branch in Richardson, Texas 75082.

Chef’s Recommendations

In addition to the “Make Your Own Bowl” options, you can also order their tasty banh mi, egg rolls, nom fries, Vietnamese grilled pork, bibimbap, poke bowls and steamed buns.

Cap your meal with some great-tasting homemade ice cream that comes in four different flavors – sweet mango, matcha green tea, coconut, and ube.

You could also enjoy some craft beer locally brewed from Bishop Cider Co., Community Beer Co., and Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

Taste the flavors of Char’d and call our Richardson location or schedule catering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got questions about Char’d Kitchen in Richardson?

What catering services policy you offer in Richardson?

If you’re looking into asian food catering in Richardson, look no further. Char’d Kitchen Richardson offers catering in this surrounding area. All you have to do is give us a call. To know more about our catering, click here.

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How long does the order take and the delivery?

For takeout orders, preparation usually takes 8-10 minutes. Now, for delivery, it will depend on the delivery company that you choose. For more information on order, mode of payment and deliver, check out our General FAQ page.

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What are your featured dish in Richardson?

Our menu offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from. We’re also famous for our “Make-Your-Own-Bowl” option. That’s where you get to choose the ingredients you want for your meal.

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What is the most popular Asian food?

We really can’t pinpoint just one dish! Our menu offers different dishes that stand out in different countries in Asia. If you want to take a look at our menu you may check this certified Asian food menu.

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What is the Asian cuisine served?

Our restaurant serves a fusion of different flavors from different countries in Asia, namely Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.

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