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How to Make Your Own Asian Rice Bowl

Sometimes we unconsciously go on a certain dinner rotation and that has got to be boring. Now, we offer you a gastronomic tour of Asia as we discover how to prepare a simple Asian Rice Bowl.

We’ll uncover how to build your bowl with the condiments around your kitchen, how to store them properly, and a bunch of our rice bowl recommendations.

With every step and tips that we will share, we hope that you get to create the closest and most authentic rice bowl at home. But what matters most is enjoying these bowls with your loved ones and sharing new memories with them.

Are you ready? Prepare your palate for an exciting exploration of one of the world’s simple yet delicious cuisines – the rice bowls.

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Why Prepare Asian Rice Bowl

Asian rice bowls always come in handy every time you have a surprise visit from your

family. Most of the time it is the default or the go-to food when you run out of ideas or your friends just can’t decide what to eat, a common dilemma. Easy solution, coming up!

There is just something special when you have rice bowls with your friends and family, you know a feeling of coziness. You can have meaningful chats while holding a bowl on the other hand. It is a portion of simple and safe food for people who have food allergies, since it’s versatile, you can just tweak it accordingly.

When you just feel like hanging out at your place, watching a movie, reading a book, or playing a game, Asian rice bowls just fit into the mood. Staying at home while enjoying a bowl of happiness. Our guess is that’s how we got hooked on it.

So if you ask us why we prepare Asian rice bowls? It’s food that has always been a part of the happy memories you had with the people you love and food to comfort you when you miss them. And of course, it is totally easy to prepare as you can see many easy Asian recipes

Asian Food in a bowl with chopsticks
white bowl with kimchi korean beef onions and vegetables

Build Your Bowl with Easy Asian Recipes

Now let’s get to the some of the guidelines that we follow to build our own Asian bowls. It is totally exciting, right?

Fortunately, there are easy Asian recipes that include Asian bowls. These are typically simple but with one small misstep, you might not achieve the authentic taste of a bowl.

Here are the steps to build your own Asian bowl:

  1. No grain no gain

It is not a rice bowl without rice or another type of starter. The rice makes up the huge part of the bowl and then comes the topping portions. This is the reason why you don’t want to make any mistakes in cooking a good amount of rice. Per serving you need about a cup and a half of rice and you’re good to go.

  1. Veggies

Now, you will want to get started with your veggies. You can cook it according to your preference. You may choose to use fresh or frozen, whatever you have on hand. You can even use raw veggies if that’s how you like it. Just toss the veggies with sesame oil, ground ginger, and then stir fry or roast them for 15-25 minutes at 425 degrees.

  1. The sauce is key

The essential part of a good Asian bowl is the sauce. It is the key that binds the flavor

to the whole dish. Undeniably, everyone loves to add a little sweet and spicy sauce to their easy Asian recipes. Or you may want to make your own savory sauce. It’s fairly simple, you just need soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, water, and Asian garlic chili paste.

  1. The protein

After setting up the grain, veggie, and sauce, it’s time to pick your protein. You could use any

protein you want. The affordable option is to use pork, chicken, or beef. You can also

give the plant-based protein a try – tempeh, vegetarian ground beef, edamame, tofu, or black soybeans.

Just add the right amount of meat since the sauce is the main bearer of flavor. If the meat needs a bit of flavor, add a splash of soy sauce, or try some fresh or powdered garlic, ginger, or onions.

5.Then assemble

The most exciting part is building your own Asian rice bowl. Let’s begin with the rice, put it in the bowl, pile on the veggies and protein, drizzle with the sauce, and mix them so the sauce covers the whole dish.

You can top with sesame seeds, fresh cilantro or basil, extra hot sauce, avocado, or anything else you feel like for the day.

How to Meal Prep and Store Rice Bowls

There a lot of Asian bowl recipes that are easy to prepare and store for a quick meal or

midnight meals. If you want to prepare lunches, you can just simply bring together the bowls

in separate portions and you can store them in the fridge for 3-4 days.

When ready, you can just reheat by putting them in a pan or the microwave for a few minutes. If you want to use fresh vegetables, you can pack them separately.

You can also prepare for a family meal, you just have to store the ingredients apart then you

can reheat each dish. You can then set everything on the table and everyone is free to

create their own rice bowls.

Even though these Asian bowls are great, you won’t want to eat them every night. So here are

simple tweaks you can make with these easy Asian recipes which can completely change the taste but not change the base ingredients.

Take note, these Asian bowls are freezer-friendly. Thus, when you don’t feel like cooking, you can make up and bunch and store them. You just need to add one of the toppings we suggest below or your favorite savory Asian sauce and you can create a lot of meal options.

  • Create your own – look around your kitchen, you can use whatever condiments, cheese, or dressing you have in your fridge
  • Buffalo ranch – just a drizzle of buffalo sauce, some crumbled blue cheese, and ranch dressing
  • Pizza style – topped with marinara sauce (or diced tomatoes), melted mozzarella cheese, and turkey pepperoni
  • Italian – drizzle use your store-bought or homemade Italian dressing, some fresh veggies, and chopped olives
  • Mediterranean – a scoop of hummus, roasted peppers, cucumbers, and some olives
  • Pesto – topped with a scoop of store-bought or homemade pesto and melted mozzarella cheese on top

Recommended Asian Rice Bowls to Try

After going through this article, it’s totally normal that you’d want to give it a try. How about you try one of our best-selling bowls? You can have it for your dinner later or for your breakfast tomorrow.

Even if you’re inspired to make your own, we know that not everyone has time to cook. Fortunately, we have exactly what you’re craving and you can get it your way or choose from one of our best selling bowls:

The Vietnamese Pork Noodle

Looking for sweet and sour bits, some crunch, aromatic herbs in a bowl? Our Vietnamese Pork Noodle Bowl is a combination of traditionally seasoned grilled pork on top of vermicelli noodles or white rice which comes with daikon, pickled carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and mint. Added with roasted peanut, crispy egg roll, and with your choice of creamy peanut sauce or salty and sweet fish sauce.

The Thai Red Curry Chicken

If you are in the mood for sweet, complex, and depth of sauce flavor, Thai Red Curry Chicken is the answer. It is a combination of juicy grilled chicken breast on top of white rice or vermicelli noodles with grilled corn, crisp shredded romaine, spinach leaves, pineapples, sprinkled with roasted peanuts, and drizzled with our creamy Thai red curry sauce.

While our Thai Red Curry does have a little bit of a kick, we tend to keep it on the mild side. If you’re unsure, you can always ask for a taste. As always we give you the sauce on the side so you can control how much spiciness you like on your Asian bowl.

Poke Bowl

Have a craving for big, rich bowl of colorful food? How about the Poke Bowl?

A mixture of fresh tuna and sushi-grade salmon, firecracker sauce on top of sushi white rice, pineapples, cucumber, edamame seeds, and roasted corn. Splash of spinach, seaweed salad, creamy crab salad, sweet onions, toasted sesame seeds, shredded nori, and a dash of furikake seasoning. Topped with a glaze of unagi sauce.

To simply define what a poke bowl is, it’s diced raw fish. Poke means to cut or slice, that’s the reason why almost all poke bowl recipes you see contain diced fish. Poke is served simply as an appetizer a lot of times but it was turned into an entire meal with the addition of veggies and rice.


You may or may not have already heard of this Korean dish. This is ultimate comfort food which you can create countless variations depending on what you want or the required diet. Usually comes with slow-braised Korean-inspired sliced beef with white rice and sauteed sweet onions,

soy shiitake, homemade kimchi, and sweet roasted corn. Topped with crispy shallots, roasted sesame seeds, and spicy Gochujang sauce.

While more traditional and authentic versions of Bibimbap use raw beef and raw egg along with other veggies, you can still choose to have it cook if that’s what you prefer.

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