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You plan the party. We bring in the food. Char’d Kitchen’s Menu will leave your guests eating with gusto!

There’s just something for everyone as we have mouth-watering creations that will tickle any palate and certain diets too! All your guests will be happy and full as we cater to a vegan diet, gluten-free diet, low carb diet and even paleo diet. This is the only Asian food catering in Texas you’ll want for your event.

Learn more about our different catering offers available at all three locations – FortworthMansfield and Richardson.

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Enjoy Our Catering For as Low as $8 per Person. Grab Your Bowl Today!

We serve gallon drinks starting at $8 a gallon to compliment your catering orders.

Chicken Teriyaki

Why Everyone Loves Char’d Catering

Easy and Fast

Place your catering orders easily and with faster turnaround. No fuss! Select your desired bowls and we will prepare it for you.

Quality and Affordable

Our Signature Bowls are affordable and uses high quality of ingredients. Experience authentic Asian food through these bowls.

Ideal for Every Diet

Char’d Kitchen signature bowls are ideal and good for every diet. Tailored with the top quality ingredients and making sure all are healthy.

vegetables bowl

Grab A Bowl and Eat

When everyone is DTE (Down to Eat), our “Grab A Bowl and Eat” option makes group ordering easier and more convenient. Add some flair to your event by serving Asian Fusion cuisine that will satisfy your guests’ appetites.

There is something for everyone with this option. All you need is good comfort food from Char’d Kitchen, the best tasting Asian food catering in Texas.

What’s included?

Food in chafing dishes with an option of white or brown rice, choice of protein, vegetables, and different sauces.

Various sauces include spicy Gochujang, fish sauce, creamy peanut sauce, Thai red curry, and our famous Firecracker sauce.

Delicious and classic toppings: Toasted sesame, shredded nori, roasted peanuts, daikon, pickled carrots, jalapenos, cilantro, wonton strips

Plates and containers will be fully disposable.


More details:


Type of Cuisine: Asian Pacific Fusion — Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Hawaiian

Meal Category: Ideal for lunch and dinner

Ideal Number of Guests: 20 and up

Ideal Catering Events: Birthdays, House-warming, weddings, corporate event catering, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, and other social events

Set up Style: Char’d Catering Chief will set-up the food, arrange the utensils and napkin. All the food will be ready for your guests to enjoy before our Catering Chief leaves.

Presentation Style: Buffet Style — Dishes will be served in chafing trays so they can mix and match their own meals.

Cleanup after the party is nobody’s favorite thing to do. All catering equipment is fully disposable. To also ease you up on this task, we’re providing garbage bags to help with the aftercare.

Chard Kitchen Logo flame and text

To make your Catering Reservation please fill out the form or Call Dom at (682) 552-1328.

Vietnamese Cuisine

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Build Your Own Bowl

Save your group from getting HANGRY! This is a food catering in Texas that caters to gatherings such as meetings, housewarming, rehearsal dinners and all sorts of events.

Our famous “Build Your Own Bowl” meal allows your guests to eat their food just the way they want it. Part brown rice, part meat, a whole lot of fresh vegetables –perfect option for your guests who also want to taste a little bit of everything. Also, guests who follow a certain diet like paleo, keto, gluten-free will be able to do so easily as they have the option to pick the ingredient they want in their meal.

fresh vegetables

What’s included?

1 pre-portioned bowl with white or brown rice, choice of protein, vegetables, and different sauces per person.

More details:

Type of Cuisine: Asian Pacific Fusion — Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Hawaiian

Meal Category: Ideal for lunch and dinner

Ideal Number of Guests: 20 people or less

Ideal Catering Events: Meetings, college events, holiday parties, and small gatherings

Set up Style: We build the bowls as we do in the store with their specific orders.

Presentation Style: Meals are packed individually in disposable ware.


Do you offer drinks?

Yes, we do. These options are available when you make your reservations.

What special diets do you cater to?

See below:

Vegan diet ( Lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, strict vegan)

Gluten-friendly diet

Keto-friendly diet

Paleo diet

How long does the setup take?

On average, the Char’d Catering Chief takes about 20 minutes to set up the chafing dishes, food, plasticware, napkins, and utensils.

What is your cancellation policy?

See Below:

More than 5 days prior to the event:

The reservation fee is refundable.

Less than 5 days prior to the event:

Payment is non-refundable.

What additional fees are possible for an event?

You will have to pay for the delivery and setup fee based on each of the miles. There is going to have a delivery and setup fee based on each of the miles. If people pick-up and they setup then they don’t have to pay that fee.

How do I pay for my catering order?

A credit card or debit card is accepted for upfront payment. Please note that there is a 25% reservation fee for your catering order to be accepted. The full payment must be paid a day before the event.

Is there a minimum order count?

No, we don’t. However, if you want catering for 2-3 persons, we suggest that you try Ubereats as it is a cheaper option.

Do you offer full-service catering?

Our team doesn’t offer full-service catering. But no worries, our Char’d Kitchen Catering Chief sets up the food, equipment, and utensils. Your guests will be able to enjoy the food without too much hassle.

Can I make changes to my order even after it has been finalized?

Yes, and it would be best to make these changes 5 days prior to the event. A call to our restaurant is much appreciated and we’ll see if these changes are possible.

How far in advance do I need to place my order or book my event?

Catering events are on a first-come, first-served basis so we highly encourage that you book your catering order a week before the event.

Can I customize my order?

Our “Build Your Own Bowl” option is highly customizable. There are different options for your carbs, proteins, vegetables, sauces, and toppings.

What is it going to cost to hire Char’d Kitchen for my event?

The detailed pricing of our catering menu is available right here. We are also happy to provide a formal written price quote, after learning of the details of your planned event. Please allow up to three (3) business days for all price quotes. Contact us today to initiate the planning process for your next catered event.

What is required when looking into hiring Char’d Kitchen for an event?

Every event is unique within itself depending on what the host wants. The food can be picked up from the restaurant, have it delivered, or the Char’d Kitchen Catering Chief can come and set up the food area.

What locations does Char’d Kitchen deliver?

We serve locations within the 5 mi radius of our three restaurants – Fortworth KitchenMansfield Kitchen, and Richardson Restaurant.

How can I book my event?

We can discuss details over the phone, in person at our restaurant – whichever is easiest for you! Contact us or Call Dom at (682) 552-1328.