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Why Should You Have Char’d Kitchen in Your Next Event

Since everyone’s tastes are different, deciding what food to serve at an event can be difficult. In Texas, Char’d Kitchen knows Asian food is a mouthwatering, affordable, and diverse catering option.
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Popular Asian Cuisine in Texas

For years, this local restaurant has been providing party planners throughout Mansfield, Richardson and Fort Worth with a wide range of cuisine to please any palate.

If you have to feed a hungry group, here are three reasons why Char’d Kitchen is perfect for catering

catering dishes in Char'd Kitchen

Price: From picking a venue to hiring entertainment, hosting an event can be expensive. Char’d kitchen is an affordable option that won’t cut into other party expenses. A few trays of Asian cuisine can feed anywhere from 10 to 20 people and won’t cost much more than a meal for two at a fine-dining restaurant.

Variety: With so many appetizers and entrées available in Asian cuisine, Char’d Kitchen offers something for everyone. Vegetarians can choose from rice and noodle dishes with plant-based protein while meat-eaters can enjoy popular fares like Vietnamese Pork noodles, Bibimbap or Chicken Curry Bowl topped with succulent steak, pork, chicken, or seafood.

Unique: If people on your guest list aren’t familiar with Asian cuisine, then it is a new experience. Your event attendees can discover the different flavors used in Thai, Vietnamese and Korean dishes—from spicy curry and tangy fish sauce to aromatic ginger and sweet coconut.


Guaranteed Fresh Ingredients

Char’d Kitchen buys fresh ingredients for their regular business operations, you can count on receiving the same quality Asian dishes from their catering service. Buying ingredients they already use allows them, chefs, to focus on flavor and recreating their most popular dishes, so your guests are satisfied. Whether you serve banh mi or spring rolls, every plate is guaranteed to be fresh, tasty, and aromatic.


Experience and Expertise

Char’d Kitchen catering services base their menus on what is most popular among their diners and easiest to replicate in large servings. Since this restaurant is open seven days a week at multiple locations, their chefs are masters in meal preparation and consistency, so every plate tastes delicious. The owners have grown up having these different cuisines so meaning their food is also authentic.

So you plan the party. Char’d Kitchen ( https://chardkitchen.com/ ) will take care of the food. Char’d Kitchen’s Menu will leave your guests eating with gusto!

There’s just something for everyone as we have mouth-watering creations that will tickle any palate and certain diets too! All your guests will be happy and full as we cater to a vegan diet, gluten-free diet, low carb diet, and even a paleo diet.

This is the only Asian cuisine catering in Texas you’ll want for your event. Char’d Kitchen caters to birthdays, House-warming, weddings, corporate event catering, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, and other social events.

Even your business meetings, Char’d Kitchen can keep your employees awake and full. You just have to contact Char’d Kitchen days before your event. And don’t forget the “Make Your Own Bowl” option. They’re famous for it.

Learn more about our different catering offers available on all three locations- Richardson, Fort Worth and Mansfield.

Asian Food at Char'd Kitchen

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