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Asian Food Recipes and its Secrets

When thinking of Asia it’s impossible not to think about their rich culture and their delicious gastronomy. Asian cuisine is characterized by their unique flavors and the use of vegetables and spices to create dishes that are essential in every Asian restaurant.  Because of the recent popularity that Asian food recipes have gained, people are looking to satisfy their gastronomic curiosity when it comes to dining in and eating out. When cooking at home, you may find most recipes call for basic ingredients such as soy sauce, rice, and green onions. A wok may also be necessary if you want your Asian dish to replicate those yummy flavors. More and more supermarkets stock items that are used for most Asian cuisine recipes you can make at home. On the other hand, if you want to have an unforgettable night and taste the best of southeast Asian food, Char’d Kitchen is the place for you. With our wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, you will find delicious and healthy meals in one single place, Char’d Kitchen in Richardson, Texas is waiting for you.

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Asian Cuisines: What You Need to Know About Cooking and Preparations

Asian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines, and yet it has become one of the most famous globally. With its wide variety of ingredients and sweet-sour combinations, Asian flavors have gained a place in almost every city in the United States and most other countries. Due to its popularity, there are more and more people that have started to prepare their own Asian dishes at home, as a way to get out of the everyday routine and expand their palate. We’re a fan of Asian food too and that’s why Char’d specializes in Southeast Asian fusion. Here are just a few tools needed to prepare an Asian-inspired dish.

Essential utensils

To prepare Asian food recipes it’s important we use the right tools, so we make sure the meal we are cooking has that flavor and texture we’re looking for. Here are just some of the basic utensils you need in order to prepare a delicious Asian dish at home.

chard restaurant
Teriyaki Bowl

Carbon steel wok or Cast iron wok

Known as the signature utensil in Asian cuisine, a wok can have multiple kitchen uses. You can stir-fry, roast, steam, boil, pan-fry, and braise foods in it. It’s almost impossible to replicate certain Asian food recipes using a regular non-stick pan because the wok can withstand much higher temperatures and most stir-fry dishes call for very high heat. Woks usually come in two shapes: with a flat base or with a round base. A flat base can be easily used on your regular stove, meanwhile, the round base ones will need a wok ring to hold the wok in place over the burner. In stores, you will usually find a wok ring accompanying round base woks when you purchase them.

Wok Spatula and Ladle

Once you have acquired your wok, you will need a spatula and a ladle to properly mix and cook the food in the wok. It is preferred to use a wok spatula and ladle with wooden handles, this way you will avoid the heat from the bowl going through your spatula and risk getting burned. Additionally, the spatula and ladle material are also important. Silicon, bamboo, and wood should not be used in a wok as they won’t be able to properly pick up all of the food from the bottom of the wok. A steel wok spatula that is curved at the end, is your best bet as it will be easier to rotate and lift the vegetables and sauces.

Bamboo steamer

This is probably a must-have for every Asian cuisine fan because they are used to prepare dishes like dim sum and any other steamed dishes. To use it simply boil water in your wok and place the bamboo steamer right over it (make sure you leave about a couple of inches between the boiling water and the steamer. This way your steamed meal will be soft and perfectly cooked.

Ingredients for Asian-inspired cooking

In addition to having the right kitchen tools you’ll want quality ingredients to prepare the best Asian food recipes. These are just some of the most used ingredients, many of which we use at Char’ds Southeast Asian Kitchen.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is probably the most iconic and well-known Chinese pantry essential that you must have in your kitchen. From east to west Asia, soy sauce is used as a basic ingredient in most recipes. Commonly used as a table condiment (like Americans use ketchup), soy sauce can be used as a dipping sauce and to add color to meals. There are two main types of soy sauce:

  • Light
  • Dark

Light soy sauce has a softer flavor and a lighter color so it will add a new flavor layer to your dish as the meal color remains the same. Contarily, dark soy sauce is perfect if you want to get the right depth of flavor, color, and consistency. No matter which type of soy sauce you prefer, they are both delicious and will help set apart any one of the many Asian food recipes you’ll find.


This aromatic root is widely used in Asian cuisine. Ginger has a unique flavor and is often used in seafood-based recipes. However, dishes like Chinese stir-fried rice also use ginger to add that extra special flavor.

Green onions

Almost any Asian food recipe is incomplete without some chopped green onions on top. Green onions are super versatile and are featured in dishes like Scallion Ginger Shrimp and Scallion Pancakes. Many savory dishes are incomplete without a sprinkle of chopped green onions on top.

Korean and Japanese Recipes

Korean and Japanese cuisines are some of the most popular varieties of Asian cuisine worldwide. Even though they are both considered Asian, Korean and Japanese cuisine has different cooking methods and ingredients that make them unique in their own way. Let’s learn more about what sets Korean and Japanese Asian cooking apart.

Korean cuisine

From the complex flavors of the traditional cuisine to the modern dishes of Korean fusion, their ingredients and preparation can vary richly.

Bibimbap Asian Cuisine

Korean cuisine is known for extremely flavorful beef such as short ribs or sliced beef. Our Bibimbap is an example of a perfectly sweet and saucy savory dish. Our Korean-inspired sliced beef is marinated and slow braised for a unique flavor and is a great protein to top just about any bowl. Many Korean marinades incorporate ingredients such as brown sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, and various spices that offer an explosion of flavor in every bite. We love our Korean sliced beef with homemade kimchi and sweet roasted corn. For an extra kick we highly recommend our spicy Gochujang sauce to top the bowl off.

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a boundless variety of regional and seasonal dishes. Japanese food is known for highlighting the flavors, textures, and colors of seasonal produce. In more traditional Japanese cooking they rarely mix different food types, and sauces are normally served in separate dishes as dipping condiments.

In Japan food is eaten in as natural a state as possible, as fresh as possible, as this is considered the ultimate way to eat. Produce is often only lightly cooked in order to preserve the flavor and give a great mouthfeel. A Japanese favorite cooking style is teriyaki. This is just the process of grilling or broiling a meat with a sauce. You may have a bottle of teriyaki in your home. If not you can create your own teriyaki sauce with soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger. Our Chicken Teriyaki Bowl is chicken tossed with our very own signature teriyaki sauce. We mix this with an assortment of broccoli, cabbage, and carrots, all served on a bed of rice. This is one of our most popular bowls here at Char’d. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!

Thai Recipes : Quick and Easy

Because of tourism, Thai food is one of the 5 most popular food types globally. You might recognize some Chinese influences in their cooking methods and ingredients, to create fresh and tasty dishes. Known for being spicy and colorful, Thai food is as delicious as it is beautiful. Thai food also tends to be lighter and less oily.

Allium vegetables

Shallots, onions, scallions, and garlic frequently appear in Thai dishes and are often the star of the show. Depending on the dish, they can be served fresh or cooked. Vegetables also provide a variety of strong flavors and because they are so versatile, you’ll find a wide variety of vegetables in any one dish.


If it’s one thing that Thai food is known for it is probably chiles. You simply cannot make most Thai dishes correctly without the incorporation of chiles. There are so many options with chilis that Thai chefs love to use and experiment with the beautiful, flavorful, and colorful variety available. Fortunately, some chilis can be flavorful without being hot, so not every dish has to be spicey which may not appeal to some. Probably the most known Thai chili dish is one that includes curry.

Our Thai Red Curry Sauce is perfect with our Chicken Curry Bowl. A little spicy but not overdone as to drown out the other flavors, like the spinach, pineapple, and roasted peanuts. The creamy curry sauce just ties the whole thing together. Fresh herbs There are many herbs used in Thai dishes, but the most common and popular and important to have on hand are cilantro and Thai basil. Some feel that you can’t make respectable Thai food without them. One thing that can differentiate Thai food from any other Asian cuisine dish is the use of fish sauce. When it comes to Thai recipes, the cooking method is just as important as the types of food you’re preparing.


This is a fast method to cook Thai food using high heat. This technique requires a wok or a big skillet, paired with a turner or spatula.


Grilling is the main choice for making marinated meats or vegetables on the grill such as chicken satay.


Commonly used for Thai salad recipes. Thai salad dressing is mixed with fresh ingredients and mixed together. This preparation method combines the salad dressing with your vegetables, meats, and noodles. Don’t underestimate this cooking method, simple but delicious.

Where to Get Healthy Asian Food

There are many restaurant options in Texas but when it comes to a variety of Asian-inspired cuisine, Char’d Kitchen is the best Asian fusion restaurant. We specialize in southeast Asian fusion cuisine, and are known for our variety of healthy dishes. We are one of the very few places where the flavors of Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea mix together.

The Char’d experience

Our menu was designed in order to offer healthy Asian food recipes with an exquisite American twist for you to have a little piece of Asia right here in Texas. Most of our dishes have vegan and vegetarian options that are just as flavorful as their original counterparts. We have three locations in Texas:

We have healthy dining options for all members of the family no matter where you are in DFW. All of our dishes are prepared with authentic cooking methods to guarantee our clients the closest Southeast Asian dining experience.

Some of those dishes pass through long marinade processes, grilling and boiling for you to have Asian fusion meals prepared with authentic cooking methods. One of our most popular dishes is the “Make Your Own Bowl” option, where you can pick the ingredients of your preference to create a unique Asian fusion bowl. From meat to tofu, you have a huge variety of proteins and vegetables to choose from, with creativity there are hundreds of combinations you can create. The sky’s the limit!


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